16th General Meeting & Grand Gathering (Maha Sammelan)

Dear All Kansara Community members,

We feel pleasure to announce the 16th General Meeting and Grand Gathering (Maha Sammelan) of our Shri Saat Gaam Kansara Samaj and it's four major institutions

  • Shree Kansara Kelavani Pracharak Madhyasth Mandal.
  • Naranlala Parivar Sthapit Shree Mohanlal Harkishandas Kansara Medical Trust.
  • Smt. Kashiben Pranjivandas Kansara Samaj Kalyan Trust.
  • Shree Saat Gaam Kansara Samast Panch.

As per the rotation system this program was suppose to be hosted by 'Tarapur Vibhag' (Vangaon, Dahanu, Boisar, Palghar, Tarapur) in their region, but under the influence of certain situations like Time, Facilities Provision, Place, Finance and security, it was unanimously decided in the meeting held at Naranlala Bhavan, Navsari on 10-07-2010, that this festival will be hosted at Somnath Parisar, Billimora under the roof of Tarapur Vibhag on Date: 14-11-2010.

Participants Coordinating Committee of Maha Sammelan

Under the learned guidance of our most respected 'Shri Kishorbhai Nandlal Kansara, Billmora' and others, the coordinating Committee was formed as under to achieve grand success in the celebration of 16th General Meeting and Grand Gathering (Maha Sammelan).

Shri Nareshbhai Harilal Kansara, Vangaon Convener
Shri Kishorbhai Nandlal Kansara, Billimora Trustee: Kelavni Mandal
Shri Dilipbhai Ratilal Kansara, Vangaon President: Kelavani Mandal
Shri Narendrabhai Thakordas Kansara, Palghar Secretary: Kelavani Mandal
Shri Rameshbhai Pranjivandas Kansara, Navsari Trustee: Kelavani Mandal
Shri Bharatbhai Mohanlal Kansara, Navsari Trustee: Medical Trust
Shri Jayeshbhai Maganlal Kansara, Navsari Trustee: Medical Trust
Shri Hemantbhai Nandlal Kansara, Billimora Convener
Shri Kantilal Tribhuvandas Kansara, Valsad Secretary: Saat Gaam Panch Samast
Shri Nitinbhai Amrutlal Kansara, Navsari President: Navsari Panch
Shri Nileshbhai Ravindrabhai Kansara, Navsari Secretary: Navsari Panch
Shri Banshilal Ramchandra Kansara, Gandevi President: Gandevi Panch
Shri Kiritbhai Jagmohandas Kansara, Gandevi Secretary: Gandevi Panch
Shri Jagdishbhai Hiralal Kansara, Valsad President: Valsad Panch
Shri Subhashbhai Amrutlal Kansara, Valsad Secretary: Valsad Panch
Shri Rohitbhai Ratilal Bharatiya, Pardi President: Pardi Panch
Shri Vinodbhai Harilal Kansara, Pardi Secretary: Pardi Panch
Shri Ashwinbhai Mohanlal Kansara, Vapi President: Vapi Daman Panch
Shri Anilbhai Chhabildas Kansara, Vapi Secretary: Vapi Daman Panch
Shri Ashwinbhai Damodardas Kansara, Tarapur President: Tarapur Panch
Shri Shaileshbhai Ishwarbhai Panchighar, Mumbai President: Bri. Mumbai Panch
Shri Madanbhai Harilal Kansara, Mumbai Vice President: Bri. Mumbai Panch
Shri Mahendrabhai Lallubhai Kansara, Palghar Trustee: Medical Trust

Synopsis of Sammelan

  • The tenure of members of working committees for all four institutions is ending on the date before the date of Maha Sammelan. Thus this is a humble request to all Presidents of Saat Gaam Panch, that in respect of the personal letter issued to you, please submit the list of interested members from your area before 30-10-2010.
  • The President of New Working Committee of Kelavani Mandal will be selected from Vapi Daman Division.
  • The President of New Working Committee of Samaj Kalyan Trust will be selected from Mumbai Division.
  • The President of New Working Committee of Samaj Kalyan Trust will be selected from Navsari Division.
  • The new President and Secretary of Medical Trust will be chosen from current Trustees, but they also shall be recommended by Presidents of Local Panch.
  • The President, Secretary and Treasurer will be selected from Pardi Division, and Vice President will be selected from Vapi Daman Division.
  • Regarding Trophy: This is decided to give away a Trophy in the memory of the main founder of Kelavani Mandal Shri Girdharlal Mancharam Bharatiya and Shri Brijbhukhandas Narandas Kansara (Naran lala).
  • It may please be noted by all community members that the future meeting of Coordinating committee will be held on 3-10-2010, Sunday at Valsad.
  • Those who have accomplished their higher studies and achieved the grand honor in education without availing any funds from Mandal after 1-1-2006, will be honored during this Sammelan.
  • Those who have availed loan from Kelavani mandal after 1-1-2006 and paid up their loans before time will be honored during this Sammelan.
  • They will be honored during Sammelan who have achieved grand success in extra curriculum activities like (Fine Art, Sports, Art, Thesis writing etc) at District level or above.
  • All live or late people who have worked for our community using their Financial and physical resources will be greatly honored during Sammelan.
  • We welcome the cultural programs from all divisions. All Divisions are allotted 40 minutes for their cultural programs. As Navsari Division is having population of 400 families they are allotted 80 minutes for their cultural programs.