Shree Saat Gaam Kansara Samast Panch

During 1942 (AD) Indian Freedom fighting movement (Quit India Movement) against British was at full-fledge. Also due to the World War II, dearness was at its highest level. There was rationing on the food items. The situation was very troublesome. It was very difficult to cope up with the good and bad occasions of the life. This institution was established during this difficult period of time.

In Vikram Samvat 2000 (1943 AD), the leading gentlemen from Six places (Navsari, Gandevi, Valsad, Pardi, Daman & Tarapore) of Kansara Samaj gathered and held a seven days long meeting at Navsari. In this meeting, the rules set in VS 1967 (1913 AD) were taken under the consideration to be restructured. After the long discussion, the new rules were set to suggest the methods for celebrating the different occasions of life. The same rules were lately published in a booklet and distributed among the each houses of Kansara Samaj, so people could learned about them and bound to follow them. To bring consciousness / awareness in Samaj about newly set rules, a local institute (Panch) was established at every major locations like Navsari, Gandevi, Valsad, Pardi, Daman and Tarapore. In addition, to bring all 6 institutes under a single roof, a mother institute named "Shree Chha Gaam Kansara Samast Panch" (Madhyastha Panch) was formed.

On 7th Feb. 1971, 7th village (Gaam), Greater Mumbai, was included in above Panch and renamed with the title "Shri Saat Gaam Kansara Samasta Panch", according to the decision made in the general meeting held at Gandevi

Main Objectives of Saat Gaam Samast Panch

  • Mass Marriage (Samuh Lagan)
    • On Dt. 11th Jan. 1987, a general meeting of Madhyastha Panch was held at Pardi. In this meeting, the rules were set for the Mass Marriage activity in Samaj and responsibility for the same was handed over to newly elected President Shri Kantilal Girdharlal Kansara and Secretary Shri Ravindrabhai Mulchanddas Kansara.
  • Mass Gotrej (Choul Sanskar / Mundan)
  • To arrange the fair for selection of Life Partner
  • Social
    • To establish and impose the rules and regulations regarding uniformed customs, traditions, and social harmony.
    • To establish the rules for the method of celebrating the occasions starting from birth to death, so that they can be celebrated in simple way and at the minimum cost.
  • Publishing the book showing introductory information of cast members
  • Supporting Kelavani Pracharak Madhyastha Mandal in the arrangements of Grand Gathering (Maha Sammelan)

Main Achievements of Saat Gaam Samast Panch

  • Samuh Lagna and Gotrej
    Year (Period) Lagna Gotrej
    22nd Samuh Lagna and Gotrej - 26-1-2011 1 9
    23rd Samuh Lagna and Gotrej - 29-1-2012 7 11
    24th Samuh Lagna and Gotrej - 14-2-2013 4 16
    25th Samuh Lagna and Gotrej - 8-12-2013 3 10
    26th Samuh Lagna and Gotrej - 25-1-2015 6 10

Shree SaatGaam Kansara Samast Panch Existing Working Committee

President Shri Rajeshbhai Kantilal Kansara, Vapi
Secretary Shri Dashrat Chandrakant Kansara, Vapi

Committee Members

  • Surendrabhai Nagindas
  • Rajeshbhai Thakorbhai
  • Devendrabhai Arvindbhai
  • Jayeshbhai Kantilal
  • Bansibhai Bhagwandas
  • Ketanbhai Hemandrabhai
  • Arunaben Maheshbhai
  • Alkaben Deepakbhai
  • Falguniben Aashishbhai
  • Mukundkumar Arjunbhai Kansara
  • Nikul Sureshbhai Kansara
  • Bhupendrabhai Parsottamdas Kansara
  • Varshaben Rajeshbhai Kansara
  • Rupal Vipulkumar Kansara
  • Bhanuben Dhansukhbhai Kansara
  • Jagdishchandra Hiralal
  • Subhashbhai Amrutlal
  • Pravinbhai Bhagwandas
  • Vijaybhai Jaikishandas
  • Prafullaben Kantilal
  • Lataben Arvindbhai
  • Ashokbhai Ramanlal
  • Miraben Dineshchandra Bharatia
  • Mayuriben Nayanbhai Ghadiali
  • Nayanbhai Rajendra Ghadiali
  • Nilesh Arvindbhai Bharatia
  • Prakashbhai Pranjivandas Bharatia
  • Minesh Vasantlal Kansara
  • Rajesh Vasantlala Bharatia
  • Snehal B. Kansara
  • Alpesh Kansara
  • Sameer R. Kansara
  • Aarti H. Kansara
  • Vaishali D. Kansara
  • Ushaben A. Kansara
  • Dilipbhai Ratilal Kansara
  • Sureshbhai Jagjivandas Kansara
  • Manish Nareshchandra Kansara
  • Pannaben Nareshbhai Kansara
  • Jagdishbhai Chimanlal Balsara
  • Hemantbhai Shankarlal Kansara
  • Hitesh Damodardas Kansara
  • Yogesh Bansilal Kansara
  • Hitesh Subhashbhai Kansara
  • Pinkeshbhai Bipinchandra Kansara
  • Harshaben Hiteshbhai Kansara