Shree Kansara Samaj Kalyan Trust

The foundation seed of this Trust was emerged as the out come of a holy tale of Maa Bhaghawati. Shri Navsari Surti Kansara Samast Panch has arranged Devi Bhaghvat Navanh Parayan, at Naranlala Sanskrutik Bhavan, Navsari during the period Dt. 17-12-1978 to Dt. 25-12-1978. For keeping the memory of this occasion alive, a proposal was laid by the committee of the occasion for establishment of an institution which works for the favor of needy women and children. Entire Samaj have welcomed that proposal, and an appeal for donation for this noble cause was placed among visitors. On the last day of this occasion Rs. 81,000.00 collected as donation from people and this institution gets started.

This institute was established to help helpless and needy families. Due to prolonged illness, obtain disability in accident or untimed death of the chief member of family, on whom the family is supported, the entire family system gets shattered. In elderly age, when a family does not have any siblings or other support, in that case also a family could get in to deep trouble. In the situations stated above, it is our prime responsibility to get to the help of those families. To sponge the tears of poor and needy people of Samaj, who are victims of any mishap stated above, is the main objective of this institute.

To form the institute, a general meeting was held on date 1st April 1979, at Naranlala Sanskrutik Bhavan, Navsari. In this meeting the constitution of the institute was published and adopted for operations of institute.

Shri Gamanlal P. Kansara of Navsari has donated Rs. 21,111.00 to attach his mother's name Smt. Kashiben Pranjivandas Kansara with the name of institute.

Objectives of Samaj Kalyan Trust

  • Give financial / instrumental support to the financially needy family.
  • To become helpful to elderly family which does not have children to support them in old age.

Achievements of Samaj Kalyan Trust

Year No. of Families Amount
2005-2006 35 1,85,895.00
2006-2007 36 1,77,660.00
2007-2008 36 1,91,430.00
2008-2009 34 1,98,285.00
Total 141 7,53,270.00

Shree Kansara Samaj Kalyan Trust Existing Working Committee

President Jyotiben Saileshbhai Kansara (Andheri)
Secretary Chandrakant Gamanlal Kansara (Mumbai)

Committee Members

  • Bhupendrabhai Madanlal Kansara - Trustee
  • Neelaben Navinchandra Kansara - Trustee
  • Rameshchandra Pranjivandas Kansara - Trustee
  • Gayatriben Prakashbhai
  • Rajeshbhai Vijubhai Panchigar
  • Harishbhai Bhogilal Kansara - Trustee
  • Mukeshbhai Pranjivandas Kansara
  • Jyotsnaben Jagdishbhai Kansara
  • Sureshbhai Ramanlal Kansara - Trustee
  • Ushaben Sureshbhai Kansara
  • Ashokbhai Ramanlal Kansara
  • Vinodchandra Harilal Bharatia - Trustee
  • Kinjal Prafullchandra Bharatiya
  • Minaxiben Jawaharbhai Bharatiya
  • Pravinchandra Narandas Kansara - Trustee
  • Sunil A. Kansara
  • Neelaben A. Kansara
  • Narendrabhai Thakordas Kansara - Trustee
  • Hansaben Narendrabhai Kansara
  • Mukeshbhai Jaikishandas Kansara
  • Shaileshbhai Ishwerlal Kansara - Trustee
  • Yogesh Bansilal Kansara, Andheri
  • Preetiben Kiranbhai Kansara, Andheri