Shree Mohanlal Harkishandas Kansara Medical Trust

A.D. 1989-90 was the centenary year of the firm named Naranlala, Navsari. To celebrate this occasion a Navchandi Ygna was held at Naranlala Sanskrutik Bhavan, Navsari on 3rd December 1989. A grand reception function was also held as the part of this celebration.

Shri Sukhdevbhai Thakordas Kansara of Billimora was dignified President, and Shri Ravindra Gatulal Kansara was the prime guest of the reception function. In this function the thought of the "Medical Trust" was streamed and was accepted joyfully.

For the name of their ancestors glow brightly in the Samaj, the existing members of Naranlala Family had initially declared the donation of Rs. 1,00,000.00. Later the same was grown to Rs. 2,51,000.00. This trust was named as "Naranlala Parivar Sthapit Shri Mohanlal Harkishandas Kansara Medical Trust". In total the donation to the trust from Naranlala Family and their relatives is Rs. 5,05,0000.00.

Today, the total fund of this trust is above Rs. 25,00,000. And the entire fund is invested in the Government Securities and Nationalized Banks Deposits. The interest of the above investments (appx. Rs. 2,75,000.00) is the main source of income of the trust. The trust is doing all of its activities from the interest amount.

Main Objectives of Medical Trust

The main objective of the trust is to provide financial help up to Rs. 20,000.00 for medical treatment to the financially weak families.

  • The financial help up to 30%, 50% or 75% is provided to the patient on account of the seriousness of the disease, financial condition of patient and the situation of financial instruments of the trust.
  • The expenditure involves Consultation Fees, Hospital Stay Charges, Medical Report Charges and Medicinal Charges are considered to estimate the amount of help.

Main Achievements of Medical Trust

Year No. of Patients Amount
2005-2006 49 2,03,795.00
2006-2007 47 1,89,245.00
2007-2008 45 1,87,500.00
2008-2009 45 2,44,510.00
Total 186 8,25,050.00

Committee Members

  • Bharatbhai Mohanlal Kansara - Trustee
  • Jayeshbhai Maganlal Kansara - Trustee
  • Shaileshbhai Ratilal Kansara - Trustee
  • Anilbhai Navneetbhai Kansara - Trustee
  • Ishwerlal Girdharlal Kansara - Trustee
  • Yogeshbhai Mohanlal Danawala
  • Kishorbhai Dhirajlal
  • Mayurbhai Vijaybhai
  • Arpitkumar Bharatbhai
  • Ishitaben Mrunalbhai
  • Anilaben Jayeshbhai
  • Nareshbhai Bhogilal Kansara - Trustee
  • Bardevbhai Choielal Kansara
  • Manishkumar Amrutlal Kansara
  • Pankajbhai Dhansukhlal Kansara, Billimora
  • Anilaben Mukeshbhai Kansara
  • Meenaben ajaybhai Kansara
  • Yogitaben Yogeshbhai Kansara
  • Prakashbhai Ravindrabhai Kansara - Trustee
  • Jagdishbhai Hiralal Kansara
  • Yogeshbhai Hiralal Kansara
  • Jitendra Manilal Kansara
  • Heemaben Jagdishbhai Kansara
  • Alpaben Yogeshbhai Kansara
  • Javahar Bhogilal Kansara
  • Rohitbhai Ratilal Bharatia - Trustee
  • Vishal Arjundev Bharatiya
  • Girishbhai Kantilal Bharatiya
  • Umesh Vanilal Kansara
  • Reshmaben Mineshbhai Kansara
  • Varshaben Rameshchandra Bharatiya
  • Satyajit Rajendra Ghadiali - Trustee
  • Devendra N. Kansara
  • Sailendra N. Kansara
  • Harshit B. Kansara
  • Nilima S. Kansara
  • Kajal S. Kansara
  • Varshaben B. Kansara
  • Mahendrabhai Lallubhai Kansara - Trustee
  • Nitinbhai Thakorbhai Kansara
  • Chetan Dhansukhlal Kansara
  • Sobhaben Mukeshchandra Kansara
  • Divyesh Pravinchandra Kansara
  • Prajesh Chandrakantbhai Kansara
  • Sanjaybhai Dalpatbhai Kansara
  • Dineshbhai Ramchandra Kansara - Trustee
  • Hiteshbhai Subhasbhai Kansara
  • Rajanbhai Harilal Kansara
  • Punkajbhai Mohanlal Kansara
  • Mikinbhai Jitendrabhai Kansara
  • Prafulbhai Harilal Kansara