Kansara Samaj History of Establishment

The penance of sage Matangaj was disturbed by the tolling of bronze bells which were hanging on the flying chariots of Yaksha at mount Mahendra. Sage cursed them to born on the land of mortal as Kansara, but also relieve them by the boon of being protected by Goddess Mahakali.

The first man of origin named Krutvirya was born, and thus the hei-hei tribe started. King Krutvirya was the son of Mahabhujang and Spiritual mare. Mahabhujang and the spiritual mare were none other but another appearance of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi on earth under the influence of curse given to each other.

King Krutvirya was very brave, mighty and sovereign emperor. Kartikvirya was son of Krutvirya who was also famous as Sahastra Arjuna. Sahastra Arjuna was married to four sisters of Sage Parshuram, they were named Shwetakshi, Shwetmala, Chandrasya, and Chandrika respectively. Parshurama has declared the war against Kshatriya and oath to carnage them. Under that oath Parshurama killed Sahastra Arjuna. But on the request of his sisters he forgives their unborn sons. All sisters went to Haradwar and gave birth to princes named Jayant, Vijay, Vanmali and Jayadrath.

With the boon from Lord Shiva, those four Princes were became proficient in metallurgy and able to do levy free business in any kingdom and being assured to have Maa Parvati as their Mother-Goddess, they went to Vishwakarm to avail required knowledge of metallurgy and art of making metal utensils and ornaments.

Being acquaintance and proficient in required knowledge in metallurgy, they started their business in various parts of Indian region.

According to an incident written in Ramayana about how Kansaras were exampted to do levy free business in the reign of Rama in Ayodhya; that proves the art of making utensils and ornaments developed during Tretayuga, hence the Hei-hei tribe.

King Chaud of kingdom Kanchinagar had capture four princes in their un-pious condition as the revenge of insult of his Princess and killed three of them. But forth prince named Jayadratha survived and with the grace of Maa Kali became the king of Avanti (Ujjain). He was then renamed as Dharmapal and was also known as grandfather of Kansara tribe. He built a majestic temple of Maa Mahakali in Avantipur (Mahakaleshwar).

Dharmapal reign was spread across Gujarat, Maharashtra and Konkan. He had different queens at the land of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Konkan. The Progenies of those queens are known as Gujarati, Kasara and Konkni Kansara respectively.

His progenies from queen of Gujarat had domiciled in Champaner and built a temple on a mountain and named that mountain "Pavitragadh", but it later ill-worded as "Pawagadh".

At the verge of destruction of Champaner kingdom Maa Mahakali commanded Kansara to move to the safer places. On the command of Maa Mahakali Kansara scattered in form of various groups and dwelled to different locations of Gujarat like Amdavad, Vishnagar, Vijapur, Kutch and Surat. Later they were sub-classified as Amdavadi, Vishnagari, Vijapuri, Soni, and Surati Kansara.